Turn any website into an integrated ChatGPT bot

We help website owners enhance their website by adding an AI-powered chatbot that can answer questions about their content.

The first conversational AI that reads your website.

We do all the work

Easy to setup

We crawl your website by following the sitemap.xml file, but you can add your own custom contents, or even manually add new urls to crawl.

Automatic scraping of new content
Your AI chatbot will never be outdated if you add or change content on your website.
Message analysis
Wonder what your user are asking to your AI chatbot? You can analyze all requests and their respective answers.
Customized integration
By default the chatbot will appear as a floating bubble and your users will have to click the icon for the chat window to popup. But you can also use the "framemode" to display the chat window wherever you want.
Product screenshot

“This is a promising tool! Reducing the amount of time it takes to go from zero AI to having a trained bot on any website. It made sense to me to sign up for the seven day trial. Looking forward to see how the bots grow over the next week.”

Liz B.

Frequently asked questions

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What is anywebsite.ai?
It's a website that allows website owners to create their very own ChatGPT bot that will use the content of their website to answer any of their visitors questions.
I don't get it...
Well, it's easy. Imagine you own a website with some contents (texts). You can integrate a chatbot on that website (like intercom, crisp, etc.) and the users that come onto your website can ask question in the chatbot. The AI Assistant will do it's best to find the answer on your website, and provide the answer to the user.
Does it work with E-Commerce ?
Yes! We provide a specific ecommerce mode, where the AI assistant will try to provide the best matching product to the user. The AI will use any content on the product page (description, user reviews, etc.) to find the right product.
Does it work for all type of content?
Sure, as long as your website has text content on it. Or, if your website offers media hosting services, you should have at least alt texts, meta tags or title in a text form so that the AI can read it.
Is it free ?
We do not have any free plan (yet). That may come in the future. We have currently two pricing plans which you can discover on the pricing page. We offer a seven days free trial though!
Can I customize the chatbot look ?
Yep, we provide some basic styling customization and we will add more settings in a near future.
How does the AI find the website's content ?
When you register your website, we will strictly follow your sitemap.xml to get all the publicly available URLs. We then "scrap" the texts content that we find on those page. You must have a sitemap.xml for this to work.
What if I don't have a sitemap.xml ?
You will be able to upload your own content. Just open your website's detail in your account and copy paste any text that you want the to AI use.
Any tips on how to improve the results ?
Under your website's settings, you'll be able to manage all text chunks that the AI must use. We suggest that you clean up those text chunk and separate them in the way that makes the most sense for you. A good way to improve the result is to add as many text content as possible on your website! Add a lot of FAQs on your pages. Then trigger a new scraping of your website contents.
Is it possible to see what the users are asking ?
Yes, under your website details (in your account), you'll be able to see every requests made through the chatbot. You can see the question and the answer that the AI has replied.
Can I, as a webmaster, reply to the user ?
Not at this stage. We will try to move forward with the chatbot message system itself once we get out of beta with several customers.
Can I integrate this with [insert chatbot provider name] ?
We plan to do this in a near future. Our goal is that, when your users can't get the information they need from the AI, they should be "redirected" to a classic chat with human interraction. If you currently use a chatbot to talk in real time with your users, you'll have to either replace it with our chatbot, or wait until both can be used at the same time (we'll inform you).

Get your own chatbot trained on your website

All you have to do is register your domain name, then copy paste the integration code into your website. Your own ChatGPT will answer any question based on your website's content.